Privacy and GDPR Information

Concerning privacy and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

You are not able to create any kind of account on either or  Therefore, you will not be able to provide any kind of personal information other than what you might choose to include in a paste created on or a shortened URL created on

The content of pastes created on the site is not accessible to the site operator, but pastes can be permanently and irretrievably deleted if you provide the exact link to the paste in question (the link in its original form or in a shortened URL). For that, you can contact the site administrator. 

With regard to shortened URLs created on, the site operator is not able to remove any content from an external site, but it is possible to permanently delete a shortened URL linking to any content that is considered to be objectionable (according to the site operator’s judgment).

Contact information

You can email the site operator at or use the contact form at

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