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Two privacy-centric Web services: T25B.com and T25B.xyz

At a time when online privacy is increasingly compromised, T25B.com and T25B.xyz are designed to protect user confidentiality. They offer two useful Web services: a pastebin powered by PrivateBin and a URL shortener powered by YOURLS.

What does ‘privacy-centric‘ mean?

Privacy-centric‘ means that both tools are designed without any of the tracking or profiling mechanisms commonly employed on other sites to monetize your usage by providing information about you to social networks and advertisers. T25B web pages do not contain any Javascript, cookies or external links that reveal your activities to anyone else.

Additional privacy safeguarding

In addition to the above protection, the Web server hosting the two utilities does not log the IP addresses of visitors, thereby ensuring that such potentially sensitive information can never be disclosed to any external party.

The T25B pastebin: more than just a text holder

The T25B pastebin accepts text-only submissions: it does not allow the attachment of images or other media. This limitation serves a purpose: to curb the spread of harmful or abusive content such as pornography and doxxing. The service is particularly useful for sharing articles, messages, configuration files, passwords, and whatever other text-based data, with a pretty good assurance of privacy and confidentiality. Pastes are stored on the server in an encrypted form that makes them inaccessible even to the server operator. For added security, you can password-protect your pastes, and even set a self-destruct timer to delete the content and make it unavailable after a specified period.

The T25B URL shortener: simplifying URLs, the privacy-friendly way

The T25B URL shortener performs just the core function of a URL shortener: converting your long links into shorter, more-manageable versions. What sets it apart is the commitment to user privacy. Unlike many other URL shorteners, T25B does not track or analyze the creation or usage of short links. Link clicks are simply redirected to the target URL, without any kind of click tracking or information gathering.

Free services with no hidden cost or agenda

T25B services are free to use, and there is no hidden monetization or data harvesting. You are welcome to use them without any conditions or obligatory payback attached, other than compliance with the usage conditions you can read in the Conditions of Use page

Contact information

You can email the site operator at admin@t25b.com or use the contact form at https://blog.t25b.xyz/contact.

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