Conditions of Use

Code of conduct

You are welcome to use the T25B services for whatever purpose, providing that you comply with the following code of conduct. Most people will find the rules understandable and easy to follow:

  • No pornography; no erotic content or communication; no content or communication that can be qualified as essentially sexually oriented or intentionally appealing to prurient interest; no sexualization of children or minors in any form.
  • No “gore”; no posting content or links to content that could reasonably be qualified as particularly emotionally shocking, disgusting or repulsive.
  • No content or links showing cruelty to animals or humans, with the intent of entertaining, shocking or disgusting.
  • No content or links showing sadism, masochism or other forms of violence, with the intent of entertaining, shocking or disgusting.
  • No hateful, harmful, threatening or aggressive content or communication with the intent of shocking, disgusting or intimidating.
  • No harassment; no “trolling”; no bullying.
  • No content or communication that could be qualified as defamation, slander or libel.
  • No racism; no promotion of bigotry, eugenics or racial/ethnic segregation; no promotion of racial, religious or ethnic intolerance.
  • No homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or sexist communication or content.
  • No ableism; no disparagement of the physical appearance, abilities, intelligence or other attributes of another person or population.
  • No use of language that could be considered to be offensive to people of a particular ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or other population.
  • No ad hominem attacks; no insults or derogatory attacks against a person because of their race, creed, color, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identification or other motivations.
  • No revelation of private personal information or content about other persons (no “doxing”).
  • No revelation of confidential or protected information of companies or other organizations that is not already in the public domain and considered to be public knowledge.
  • No activity, communication or content designed to harvest personal information for illicit purposes (no “phishing”).
  • No “grooming” behavior; no “stalking” behavior.
  • No gambling; no betting; no wagering; no promotion of gambling or gambling sites; no rooms, groups or communications about games or activities involving or giving rise to gambling or monetary payments in any form or for whatever service or commodity.
  • No communication about or conducting of any kind of investment, loan or bartering schemes or business dealings; no conducting of any commercial business without prior explicit permission from the site administrator.
  • No commercial advertising; no “infomercials”; no “commercials”; no “spam” or advertising links; no promotion of commercial businesses without prior explicit written consent from the site administrator.
  • No preying or profiteering or exploitative behavior, particularly against anyone that could be construed as vulnerable, disadvantaged, susceptible or impressionable.
  • No using any service accessed on or via this site for cultivation of a relationship or communication for any illegal or harmful purpose.
  • No proselytizing; no content or communication pressurizing people to join a particular religion, cult or political organization; no content or communication encouraging or requesting monetary donations or other contributions to a religious, social or political organization, cult or movement.
  • No promotion of political violence or terrorism.
  • No promotion of dangerous, excessive and/or illegal use of alcohol or drugs.
  • No promotion of self-harm or suicide; no content that encourages, causes or perpetuates a psychological or emotional state of mind that could give rise to self-harm or suicide.
  • No activity intended to disrupt or exploit the operation of any service on this site or on other sites; no “cracking”; no participation in Dynamic Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks, cross-site scripting attacks or other forms of illicit exploit against this site, or via this site and against any other site or service.
  • No copyright or intellectual property infringements; no re posting of content of another person, website or organization, from which they derive revenue or for which they legitimately claim publishing exclusivity, without explicit written consent from the rights holder.
  • No disinformation or misinformation; no publication of content or communication that might be considered to be social or political disinformation or misinformation, according to the arbitrary judgment of the site administrator; no publication or recommendation of hyperlinks or other means of access to such content or media.

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